“Bringing Out the Best in Everyone”

Key Stage One Curriculum

Haversham Village School
Curriculum Planning 2018
“Bringing Out the Best in Everyone”


Process to designing a new curriculum

The curriculum objectives for each of the foundation subjects has been outlined for each year group according to the National Curriculum 2014.  Year 1 and Year 2 will work together to achieve the Key Stage One objectives.  Year 3 and Year 4 will work together to achieve the lower Key Stage Two objectives and Year Five and Year Six will work in partnership to achieve the upper Key Stage Two objectives.

(Refer to DFE; National Curriculum)

Teaching staff will then decide which objectives are best suited to which year group within that milestone, including the level of cognitive challenge required. Some objectives may be repeated over and over to allow for a deeper and more insightful understanding.

Once the objectives are clear for each year group teaching staff will then work together to decide upon new topics for each year group. The topics will be chosen to support the delivery of the objectives in a stimulating and engaging way. Across the year group partnerships the chosen topics will allow for the children’s growing depth of understanding and the increase required in cognitive challenge.

Many curriculum objectives can be addressed through ‘Continuous Provision’. The teaching staff will discuss such areas and decide which provisions will best suit the children in each year group or milestone.

In September 2018 each year group is introducing a timetable of five topics rather than one topic for each half term.  This would allow for shorter terms (such as the Spring Term) this academic year.  It will also make time for visits, topic days, visiting productions and other areas of personal development and well-being. A timetable for these will be agreed.

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